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Car Accident Lawyer & Personal Injury Attorney David Harris

Car Accident Lawyer & Personal Injury Attorney David Harris is renowned for his expertise and commitment to seeking justice for those affected by accidents and injuries, providing personalized and compassionate legal representation.

Venice / Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer & Personal Injury Attorney David Harris

Sarasota and Venice Area Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

Sarasota and Venice Area Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorney
Venice Area Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorney
Sarasota / Venice Area Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer
Florida Personal Injury / Car Accident Lawyer

Championing Your Rights on the Road

Experience dedicated legal support with our specialized car accident services in Venice and Sarasota, Florida. We blend compassionate client care with aggressive representation to secure the compensation you deserve. From accident analysis to dealing with insurance companies, we’re your shield and support at every turn.

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Car Accident And Personal Injury Lawyer

David Harris Offers Expert Advocacy For Injured Victims

Navigate your post-accident challenges with my dedicated legal expertise in Venice, Sarasota and surrounding areas. I specialize in providing robust support for car accident cases, ensuring personalized attention and relentless pursuit of your claim.

  • Personalized Case Handling
  • Expert Accident Analysis
  • Compassionate Client Care
Experienced Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer

Navigating the Aftermath of a Car Accident with Expert Legal Support

In the wake of a car accident in Sarasota or Venice, Florida, you may find yourself grappling with mounting medical bills, constant communication from insurance claim adjusters, and questions from your employer about your return to work. Harris Law, with its seasoned team of car accident attorneys, is here to guide you through the legal intricacies of your situation while ardently fighting for the compensation you rightly deserve. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of every facet of your motor vehicle accident, ensuring we explore all avenues to maximize your compensation potential.

  • Focus: Satisfaction of each client. I represent honest and genuinely good people harmed by the wrongful conduct of others.
  • Mission: Justice through success. As a client advocate I work hard to secure justice for clients.
  • Goal: Compensation. In order to repair and rebuild, obtaining the most compensation is paramount to assisting in your recovery.

Client Testimonials

My clients are my number one priority. I am committed to providing the best legal representation possible.

car accident lawyer in sarasota florida
David is an excellent attorney. He spent a lot of time preparing my case and gathering information. He was always available when I called and answered all my questions and concerns clearly and concisely. He has a polite, caring and kind manner about him. I would highly recommend him for any legal needs you may have.
B. Eisenberg

B. Eisenberg

Personal Injury Client

car accident lawyer in sarasota florida
The auto accident we were involved with was the first life event where I personally needed to hire an attorney however I worked in commercial insurance for 30+ years so have interacted with many many attorneys. I know the amount of blog a large insurance company will throw at a large claim in hopes of intimidating the injured parties representation. It was refreshing to watch David standing firm and refusing to back down. I highly recommend David Harris. He is smart, efficient, transparent, honest and always responsive. We could not have been happier with the results.
J. Peterson

J. Peterson

Sarasota Florida Auto Accident Client

car accident lawyer in sarasota florida
there is so many things that I would like to say about David Harris so I will hit on the bullet points. He is simply amazing. Dealing with other personal injury lawyers in the past there is just no comparison. Not only is he an amazing lawyer but an amazing person. Truly compassionate in his work he strived to obtain the best possible results any client could ask for. He is always quick to return phone calls, that is, if he doesn’t pick up on the first ring(amazing). My wife required emergency surgery two days before Christmas and David spent nearly 45 minutes of his own time with me on the phone consoling us and giving us guidance. Good luck finding another lawyer who would do that for you! An amazing lawyer and a amazing gentleman, thank you David Harris!
Curt M.

Curt M.

Venice Florida Auto Accident Client

car accident lawyer in sarasota florida
I've had the pleasure of having David Harris handle 4 legal litigations for me, and my family, since 2005. David has handled each case vigorously and with the utmost integrity, putting my family's interests up front and center. Over the many years, David has become like family, and willing to take calls outside normal business hours; my physical disabilities cause me to endure excess pain when I'm placed under stress, and David has always been their to keep my life as normal as possible. Further, I feel so confident in David's ability, that I have directed friends in need of legal counsel to him, without hesitation.
John D.

John D.

Venice Florida Personal Injury Client

car accident lawyer in sarasota florida
What impressed us most about David Harris is how approachable he was. He always returned calls and emails right away. He never made us feel like our questions/concerns were asinine nor unimportant. He is very knowledgeable and I recommend him with all confidence. Most importantly, he was there for us every step of the way.
Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Florida Personal Injury Client

Seeking compensation after an injury? I am a No Win, No Fee lawyer and can help.

Involved in a car accident in Venice or Sarasota, Florida? Contact David Harris, the Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer dedicated to secure the compensation you deserve.

Car Crash Lawyer Sarasota & Venice Florida

Sarasota & Venice Area Car Crash Lawyer Review 11/23

"I got more than thought I would get."

"David was amazing. He really cared for me and wanted me to get what I deserved. He got me more than what I thought I would get. And he was very personable when dealing with me. I’d recommend him to all my friends"

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Accident Victim Lawyer Sarasota / Venice Florida Review 2023'

"David truly cares"

He is a true professional and is very knowledgeable. David truly cares and takes time for every client, treating each like family. I highly recommend him!

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2 Convenient Locations

Need to get together in person? I'm available for in-person personal injury consultations in Venice and Sarasota, Florida

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No-Win, No Fee Personal Injury Lawyer

No Win, No Fee

I am a no-win, no-fee lawyer for injured clients throughout Sarasota and Venice Florida. This means that you do not pay me unless I obtain your compensation. There are no upfront costs for my service.

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Sarasota Accident Victim Lawyer Review 2023

I was very satisfied

Mr. Harris handled my personal injury lawsuit and resolved many open issues against the giants.

Experience Matters.

I Represent Personal Injury Victims In Sarasota & Venice Florida

Car accidents can significantly disrupt lives. With Venice's and Sarasota's bustling avenues, these unfortunate events are not uncommon. As a Personal Injury Lawyer anchored in Venice, I've come to understand car accident cases deeply.

Car Accident Lawyer

Expert in car accident cases in Venice and Sarasota, dedicated to assisting victims in obtaining compensation for injuries and damages from vehicular incidents.

Premises Liability Lawyer

Skilled in handling cases where injuries occur on someone else's property due to negligence or unsafe conditions, ensuring victims receive rightful compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Specializes in representing individuals who have suffered injuries due to accidents, negligence, or intentional harm, aiming to secure fair compensation for their losses and recovery

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Expert in handling cases of wrongful death, providing compassionate legal support to families seeking justice and compensation for the untimely loss of a loved one due to negligence or misconduct.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Specializes in representing victims of pedestrian accidents, focusing on achieving compensation for injuries and losses due to negligence or unlawful driving practices.

Sarasota / Venice Injury Lawyer

A legal professional skilled in representing clients from both Sarasota and Venice in personal injury cases, including accidents, negligence, and malpractice, aiming for maximum compensation.

Injured in a Car Accident?

Contact Sarasota and Venice area Personal Injury Lawyer David Harris about your case and potential claim today.